Harmonic Pipe Drummer

A warm welcome at the „Harmonic Pipe Drummer“.
A musical novelty makes its way into the world.

It took over a year of creative tinkering to realise this idea:

I am Udo Prinz and as the "Harmonic Pipe Drummer" I play my self-developed "bagpipe harmonica" which imitates the deep, continuous bourdon tone of the bagpipe. This tone is externally controlled by a fan that I can slide onto the harmonica. And that's why I can play classical as well as self-composed Scottish melodies on the same harmonica (!) at the same time.
I accompany myself with the traditional Scottish side snare. This is the drum used by Scottish marching bands for rhythm.


Because of this invention, I am the first marching band in the world that consists of only one person, the "Harmonic Pipe Drummer".

Enjoy your visit on my website and I hope to see you soon at one of my concerts!

Yours Harmonic Pipe Drummer